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All Uruguayan SOTA Summits Awards

All Uruguayan SOTA Summits

The "All Uruguayan SOTA Summits Award Series" is open to all radio amateurs, club station and short wave listeners (SWLs) of the world that contact with or listen operations of as many SOTA Summits of Uruguay.

The I (Brass), II (Titanium), III (Silver), IV (Gold), V (Platinum) and Maximum Awards may be claimed by any licensed radio amateur, club station or SWL who can produce evidence of having contacted 2, 4, 7, 10, 13 and 17 or more SOTA Summits of Uruguay respectively using digital modes.

For the purposes of this award, will be valid all summits defined for the SOTA CX Association as a separate entity.

In the following list are shown the valid entities according to the above criteria:

Region SOTA Ref. Summit Coordinates QTH Loc.
Cuchilla de Haedo (CH)
CX/CH-001 Puntas Tres Cruces -31,322/-56,1692 GF18vq
CX/CH-002 Cerro Areycuá -31,611/-55,3336 GF28hj
CX/CH-003 Cerro Alpargata (o Zapato) -31,629/-55,6147 GF28ei
Cuchilla Grande (CG)
CX/CG-001 Cerro Catedral (o Cordillera) -34,382/-54,6742 GF25po
CX/CG-002 Cerro de las Ánimas -34,747/-55,3208 GF25ig
CX/CG-003 Cerro Tupambaé -34,673/-55,3369 GF25hh
CX/CG-004 [Without name] -34,455/-54,9950 GF25mn
CX/CG-005 Cerro Betete -34,691/-55,3167 GF25ih
CX/CG-006 Cerro Mirador -34,526/-55,3308 GF25il
CX/CG-007 Cerro Pan de Azúcar -34,810/-55,2589 GF25ie
CX/CG-008 Cerro Espuelitas -34,049/-55,2689 GF25iw
CX/CG-009 Cerro Rocha -34,366/-54,386 GF25tp
CX/CG-010 Cerro del Águila -34,124/-54,6544 GF25qv
CX/CG-011 Cerro del Toro -34,863/-55,2528 GF25id
Noreste (NE)
CX/NE-001 Cerro Brum -31,880/-54,3636 GF28tc
CX/NE-002 Cerro Colorado -32,830/-54,5208 GF27re
CX/NE-003 [Without name] -32,610/-54,2403 GF27vj
CX/NE-004 [Without name] -32,253/-53,9039 GF37br


  • All Uruguayan SOTA Summits - I (Brass)
  • All Uruguayan SOTA Summits - II (Titanium)
  • All Uruguayan SOTA Summits - III (Silver)
  • All Uruguayan SOTA Summits - IV (Gold)
  • All Uruguayan SOTA Summits - V (Platinum)
  • All Uruguayan SOTA Summits - Maximum