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All Uruguayan IOTA Islands Awards

All Uruguayan IOTA Islands

The "All Uruguayan IOTA Islands Award Series" is open to all radio amateurs, club station and short wave listeners (SWLs) of the world that contact with or listen operations of as many IOTA Islands of Uruguay and Antartic Uruguayan Bases.

The I (Brass), II (Titanium), III (Silver), IV (Gold), V (Platinum) and Maximum Awards may be claimed by any licensed radio amateur, club station or SWL who can produce evidence of having contacted 2, 4, 7, 10, 14 and 17 IOTA Islands of Uruguay and Antartic Uruguayan Bases respectively using digital modes.

For the purposes of this award, will be valid all individually island or island groups defined for IOTA as a separate entity and those where Uruguayan Antarctic bases are located.

In the following list are shown the valid entities according to the above criteria:

IOTA Group Island Group Island IOTA
  South Shetlands Islands AN-010
  King George
Colonia Department Group
  Juncal SA-057
  Timoteo Dominguez SA-057
  Hornos Islands SA-057
  de Hornos Oeste
  de Hornos Medio
  de Hornos Este
  Lopez Islands SA-057
  López del Oeste
  López del Este
  San Gabriel SA-057
  Farallón SA-057
  Dos Hermanas SA-057
  El Matón SA-057
    Sola SA-057
San José, Montevideo and Canelones Departments Group
  de Flores SA-030
    de los Albardones SA-030
Maldonado and Rocha Departments Group
    Gorriti SA-039
  de Lobos Islands SA-039
    de Lobos
    Bajo del Sargo
    Bajo de Lobos
  de las Torres Islands SA-039
  Castillos Chico
  Castillos Grande Islands SA-039
  del Marco
  Verde Islands SA-039


  • All Uruguayan IOTA Islands - I (Brass)
  • All Uruguayan IOTA Islands - II (Titanium)
  • All Uruguayan IOTA Islands - III (Silver)
  • All Uruguayan IOTA Islands - IV (Gold)
  • All Uruguayan IOTA Islands - V (Platinum)
  • All Uruguayan IOTA Islands - Maximum